This is the time of year we express thanks and appreciation to those in our lives, as well as for tangibles such as homes and food, and intangibles such as experiences, memories made and more. The past couple of years have been challenging for everyone. The pandemic hit all of us hard and in many ways. Lost loved ones. Lost jobs. Lost homes. It may seem hard to be thankful when we are still feeling the effects and in the process of recovery.

nMotion Physical Therapy was not left unscathed. We were already slated to open two new clinics when the pandemic hit. With leases recently signed, we had no choice but to move forward and do the very best we could in a time when no one was leaving their homes, not for things that weren’t absolutely necessary, and sometimes even receiving medical care wasn’t seen as necessary. It was hard. Our clinics, once a place where patients came to not only receive expert care, but also to see and chat with their therapist who had become a friend, were now empty. New clinics with no patients to treat and bills and therapists to pay.

While we continue to move in the right direction there remain challenges out there. We face them head on like all small businesses do. We lift each other up. We take deep breathes. We all pitch in with sleeves rolled up when there is work to do. And, it is for our team members, their actions and undeniable belief that nMotion would overcome the worst and we would do it together, that we are beyond thankful for this year.

In a time when many businesses have gone under, nMotion continues to be there with open arms to help medical providers in the care of their patients by offering compassionate and patient-centered care. We are so very grateful to have the support of the providers who refer new patients to us consistently and without reservation. We are so blessed to have patients who come back to us when they need physical or occupational therapy.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in our success. Happy Thanksgiving 2021. May you all have wonderful days surrounded by family and friends, good food and lots of love.