Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our highly skilled physical therapy team has years of hands-on experience in orthopedic, neurological, and sports rehab. It is this expertise that leads to remarkable outcomes with our clientele.

What should I expect from physical therapy?

nMotion’s approach to physical recovery is knowing each patient, along with their goals, and setting up an individual plan that is designed to reduce pain, maximize mobility and restore function.

Most of the patients who come to nMotion Physical Therapy are in some degree of pain when they arrive. Initially physical therapy treatments are geared towards education, reducing inflammation and decreasing discomfort. We spend time with our patients educating them on their injury and what they can expect. We utilize modalities including, heat, ice, electrical stimulation and ultrasound to help reduce discomfort. We also include manual treatments, such as massage and gentle mobilization, to decrease acute pain.

Once pain has been reduced and inflammation is more controlled, the physical therapy focus shifts to restoring function. Specialized therapeutic techniques are then incorporated to facilitate regaining strength, flexibility, gait, and balance.

Education in posture, ergonomics, injury prevention and home exercises are included as they are crucial components of your recovery.  If referred by a physician, we will work with your physician by keeping them informed about your progress and any other questions that may arise.

Do nMotion’s physical therapists work with my type of injury?

Our physical therapists spend years in school and participate in ongoing continuing education to learn how to treat a variety of conditions, included but not limited to the following:

*If you have question on whether or not we treat your injury. No worries! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with an answer.

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