The end of the year is upon us and I think most of us agree in wanting to see 2020 go by the wayside. It has been a rough year on so many levels. With 2021 just a couple days away, it is time for us to start thinking about how to make it better a year, to establish goals for ourselves that will help us be happier, healthier and well, just better! Let’s start the year with some positivity, good energy and intention.

When setting goals for ourselves, we must be realistic. Most people forget their resolutions or stop attempting to achieve their resolutions within a month, some within the first week. By setting goals that are fluid or achievable, you set yourself up for success. And, this can be done in how you frame your goal or resolution. If your goal is to become more fit, but you hate the gym, don’t make a resolution of going to the gym every day. Instead, make your goal more reachable by framing it in a different way. Getting more exercise then what you currently get is more obtainable. If you are a couch potato, now you can go out for a walk in the neighborhood a couple times a week and you are keeping your resolution. If you run a couple times a week, it is as simple as getting in one more day or perhaps incorporating a new activity one day a week.

Don’t think of resolutions as what you are taking away from yourself, but instead, what you are adding to your life. Optimism at the beginning of a year is so important. It sets the tone for success. It gives you something to look forward to.  This outlook can be applied to every goal or resolution you set for yourself. Having a positive attitude can help keep you motivated. Don’t let a rainy day keep you from taking your walk. Grab a rain jacket or umbrella and get outside. Walking in the rain can be invigorating and give you a different perspective on your surroundings. Also, you probably won’t have to navigate through crowds on rainy days.

Creating healthy habits can really help you achieve your goals. This may be easier said than done, but again, go back to being realistic. If your goal is to get more sleep, start small. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier then you normally do. If you want better, more restful sleep, consider not accessing technology or social media 30 minutes before bedtime. If you want to become more well read, choose a book that is outside of your interest area and read one to two pages a day. These are small, incremental ways of creating healthy habits. The key here is consistency. By doing these small things every day at the beginning you are well on your way to creating positive habits that you are likely to maintain moving forward.

The New Year brings everyone the chance to bring about change in their lives. It’s not always easy, but by keeping your eyes on the goal, you can make a difference and see success. No matter your goal, positive changes that make you healthier and happier are always worth the extra effort!

Happy New Year from nMotion Physical Therapy! We wish everyone health, happiness and success in their goals for 2021!

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