I am a mom of three beautiful children. I am grateful for each one of them, however I am the first to admit that I did not and still do not think of pregnancy as being fun or enjoyable. You see, my first pregnancy brought discomfort and pain that I was not ready for. I knew pregnancy might make me feel sick or tired or even a little cranky. But, I was not prepared to be up at night crying and praying for some form of pain relief. The main culprit for me – my hips. I imagine for many others, problem areas may be their back, pelvis or even their legs.

Pregnancy can be rewarding, but let’s get one thing straight, it is not easy to bring life into this world. Your body goes through so many changes. It really is hard to comprehend. Luckily, my doctor recommended me starting a physical therapy program to combat the pain. With the help of my PT, I was able to bring balance back to my pelvis and reduce the inflammation and more importantly the pain.

Physical therapy can be a game changer when it comes to managing the discomforts that come with pregnancy. Did you know that through a comprehensive evaluation your therapist may be able to identify triggers or problem areas such as posture, joint alignment, muscle strength, or flexibility? There could even be nerve involvement that brings on conditions like sciatica.

How, you might ask, can physical therapy help you deal with your pregnancy associated pain? Once problem areas have been identified, your physical therapist can then build a treatment plan designed specifically for you, any limitations you might have and that is purely focused on relieving pain and restoring any function that might have been lost. And, if that’s not good enough, the American Pregnancy Association recommends physical therapy during pregnancy to enhance your body’s ability to have a smoother pregnancy and birth. Through prescribed exercises, stretches and other treatments physical therapy helps you get stronger and prepares your body for what’s to come!

Of course, you will want to find a physical therapy program that is the right fit for you and always make sure you are receiving your treatment from a licensed professional. Also, you will want to know your limitations and the warning signs of exercise during pregnancy. Your therapist can provide post-exercise treatments to help any soreness you may have.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, physical therapy saved me from sleepless nights and achy body parts. It gave me a disciplined approach to managing the not so fun part of pregnancy. And, I think it allowed a faster and more effective recovery following the birth of my son. If you are having common pregnancy discomfort, physical therapy should be considered as a safe form of pain relief.


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