Athletes come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Some of their sports injuries result from direct trauma, others from overuse. After many miles or hours of sport, you can develop tendon, ligament and joint pain. nMotion Hand and Physical Therapy has highly trained licensed physical therapists who are experienced at treating the causes of your pain.

Trust the experts who work with pro athletes. Whether you're a casual weekend warrior, an active adult or an elite professional, you want effective sports medical care when you're injured.

Whether you suffer from training errors, muscle tightness, weakness or mechanical imbalances, our veteran professionals will get you back in action as quickly and safely as possible. Treatment begins by reducing inflammation and swelling, increasing circulation, relaxing muscles, preventing atrophy and decreasing pain. Some of the sports-related injuries and conditions we treat include:

> Shoulder impingement

> Tennis elbow & golfer's elbow

> Tendonitis

> Carpal & Cubital tunnel syndrome

> ACL reconstruction

> Plantar fasciitis

> Rotator cuff injuries

> Shin splints

> Patellofemoral Syndrome

> ITB syndrome

> Sprains & Strains

We also offer pre and postsurgical therapy. Our goal is to maximize your function. Even if you can't return to 100% function, we want you to perform as close to your potential as possible. We'll show you the correct body mechanics to prevent reinjury and keep you active