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Most of the patients who come nmotion Hand and Physical Therapy are in some degree of pain when they arrive, so initially physical therapy treatments are geared towards reducing inflammation and discomfort.

This can be done with certain electrical modalities like electric muscle stimulation or therapeutic ultrasound as well as manual treatments like deep tissue massage and passive joint mobilization. Thermal modalities like ice and heat are also utilized in different situations, depending on the severity and acuteness of the injury. Once pain has been reduced and inflammation has subsided, the treatment focus shifts to restoring function. This often includes strength and flexibility training, gait training, proprioceptive/balance training, and other specialized therapies.

Education in ergonomics, injury prevention, and home exercise programs are also a crucial component to any thorough treatment plan. All physical therapy treatment plans at Hand and Physical Therapy are monitored and prescribed by our board certified medical doctors, regularly updated to reflect both progress and difficulties, and rendered by one of our highly skilled, licensed physical therapists.